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SPR - Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors

Photonicsys Ltd. presented its first miniature surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument and special substrates in BioX conference-Singapore. The device which is less than 5cm height, weighs less 1kg and performs refractive index measurement accuracy down to 0.000001 equivalent to <pg/mm sq., can handle two channels for now but possible to customize for more. The specially developed substrates allow small and large bioentities to be detected. The miniature device can be easily integrated into other instruments so that several measurement modes can be combined with SPR measurement:

  • Miniature Design

  • Friendly GUI 

  • Combination with other inspection equipment  


  • Standard metallic with protection layer

  • Substrates with enhanced sensitivity

  • Substrates with enhanced penetration depth

  • Other customized substrates

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