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  1. OSA webinar on SPR biosensors by Prof. Abdulhalim

  2. Stroke biomarker sensing using Photonicsys H5 and gold substrate:

  3. Photonics reveals dangers lurking in water sources

  4. Photonicsys SPR detects Parathion Methyl in water, DOI:

  5. Stroke detection using Photonicsys SiO2 substrate and H5 system, DOI:

  6. Plasmon waveguide resonance applied to lipid membrane detection using Photonicsys SPR, DOI:

  7. Improved polarimetric SPR sensing, DOI:

  8. Inaugural lecture in SPIE conference by Prof. Abdulhalim on Plasmonic ultrahigh enhancement of optical fields, DOI

  9. Interview by Dr. Ana González and Dr.  Jose Pozo from EPIC with Prof. Abdulhalim on SPR diagnostics

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