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Meet PhotonicSys

PhotonicSys mission is to provide photonic and optical solutions to help protecting the world environment, human health, water and food supply. Based on wide experience and fundamental research of many years, PhotonicSys specializes in the development of proprietary optics and photonics based instruments and systems for the rapid detection of small (molecules, viruses) and large (bacteria, cells, proteins) entities in solutions and in dry forms. Our business strategy consists of several main approaches:


  • Developing sensing instruments for the academy, research and proof of concept solutions.

  • Joint collaborative R&D projects with global partners from the industry and the academy.

  • Licensing to strategic corporate partners.

  • Marketing in local and global scales.


PhotonicSys started working with well-known researchers, in the biosensing field in several academic and research institutions in the world.  Our devices can be standalone or integrated into other systems such as optical microscopes, fluorescence and Raman systems.  Being miniature these devices can be positioned under a microscope or a spectrometer to probe both concentration, refractive index, fluorescence, Raman, surface shape or other spectroscopic signals. Our plasmonic substrates vary depending on the type of the sensing required and maybe sold separately.  We are looking for strategic partners from the industry and the academic/research world to extend our capabilities to other specific applications such as monitoring of the bio-chemicals fabrication processes, biosensing, biomedical and metrology applications.  We are encouraging any organization or individual researchers interested in collaboration in the field of sensing to contact PhotonicSys, Ltd.

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